Aim of the IAPTC

The aim of the IAPTC is to facilitate communication and exchange of information and best practices between peace operations and other related education and training centres, and/or among people responsible for, and involved in, training for peace operations and related crisis situations.

2018 IAPTC Executive Committee

Front Row L to R: Ms Sarah Abdelgelil, IAPTC Secretary (Egypt); Mr Ashraf Swelam, IAPTC President (Egypt); Colonel Helen Cooper, President Designate (New Zealand); Lieutenant General (Retd) Jose Huerta Torres, Host 2019 (Peru); Colonel Jamie Aleman Cisneros, Host Planner 2019 (Peru)

Back Row L to R: Mr Mark Pedersen, UN Representative (New York); Miss Adriana Paneras, Police Chair (South Africa); Colonel (Retd) Roberto Gill, Military Chair (Uruguay); Doctor Lotte Vermeij, Civilian Chair (Netherlands); Inspector Camilla Unsgaard, Pedagogical Chair (Sweden); Mr Jonas Alberoth, Consolidation & Development Chair (Sweden)