Arriving in New Zealand

You are responsible for arranging your own airfares and travel to and from New Zealand.

Please book your flight to arrive at Auckland International Airport (AKL).

Arrival Card

Be prepared to answer some questions about the purpose of your trip on the arrival card. This is an important document and not related to your visa.

Immigration & Customs

Upon arrival at Auckland International Airport, you will proceed through Immigration, collect your luggage and continue through Customs.


New Zealand has strict biosecurity regulations due to the remoteness and fragility of our native environment. You will be checked upon entry to New Zealand. You can prepare by ensuring that you do not have any plants or fruit with you.

If you accidentally bring a prohibited item, be sure to declare it to avoid punishment. There are heavy fines if you do not declare prohibited items and they are subsequently found during checks. Packaged processed items such as biscuits or chocolate are usually no problem.

Read more about New Zealand’s biosecurity regulations.

Arrivals Lounge

Once clear of Customs and biosecurity checks, you will enter the Arrivals Lounge.

In the Arrivals Lounge, you will be met by our Arrivals Team. They will be wearing NZ military uniforms, please look for the 24th IAPTC Annual Conference sign. The Arrivals Team will show you to your airport transfer.

If you miss our Arrivals Team, make yourself known to the Airport Help Desk.