The Exhibition

The Exhibition (commonly known within the IAPTC community as ‘The Ideas Bazaar’) is where participating centres have an opportunity to present innovative and new approaches to training, including promotion of their specific programmes.


Promote Your Organisation

The IAPTC Exhibition is an excellent way for delegates to promote their institution to a broader group that may have little or no knowledge of the products and services offered.

The Exhibition affords an opportunity to network with other industry members and grow a potential customer base.

2018 Exhibition Format

This year the programme has been designed to afford exhibitors more time and over a longer period.

The exhibition will be held on Monday 1 October and Tuesday 2 October and incorporates an extended lunch period for both days. Please see the conference programme.

The exhibition space will be 3m wide x 2m deep and include lighting, electricity, and display tables. The exhibition space walls will be staple and velcro receptive panels.



Please be advised that there is now no more capacity to occupy an Exhibition Booth space. The option to request an Exhibition Booth on our website is now closed.