Strategic Guidance Framework Background

The UN Police Division, in consultation with Member States, think tanks, academia and partner organizations; such as the African Union, European Union, OSCE, INTERPOL and the International Association of Chiefs of Police, has developed an overarching policy architecture for international police in peacekeeping that is both human rights-based and gender-responsive: the Strategic Guidance Framework for International Police Peacekeeping (SGF).

It is designed to enhance the effectiveness of international policing through more consistent and standardised approaches to the provision of public safety, police reform and support to national police and other law enforcement agencies.The SGF comprises the Policy on United Nations Police in Peacekeeping Operations and Special Political Missions and four accompanying guidelines on:

  1. Police Administration;
  2. Police Capacity-Building and Development;
  3. Police Command; and,
  4. Police Operations; as well as a growing number of manuals on specific police-related topics.

With a shared doctrinal foundation now in place for the first time in the history of police peacekeeping, the SGF initiative is focusing its efforts on the operationalization of these guidance materials, i.e., putting them into practice in the field, including through the development of training curricula.